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WinQuery 17 - What’s New

WinQuery®17 CATI/CAPI/Web Interviewing Software New Manage Calling Windows Module: Use Manage Calling Windows to view, modify, enable/disable, prioritize, add, delete, duplicate and globally modify calling windows. Calling windows with all settings listed are displayed in an editable table making changes a snap. Globally modify calling windows allows you to modify more than one calling window at the same time. New Name field available to add a description of the calling window for quick reference. Hyperlink Feature in Conduct Interview: New Hyperlink feature allows a clickable hyperlink within question text for quick access to the specified web page using the default web browser. Conduct Interview remains at the same question and the interviewing session time continues. Once the web portion is completed, the interviewer is returned to Conduct Interview to continue the survey in progress. Expanded VoIP Alpha Character Dialing: Alpha characters can now be entered into the softphone with dialing to the numeric value equivalent. Review Open End Data Exclude Dummy Questions Feature: New Exclude dummy questions checkbox excludes any dummy type questions from review. This new checkbox is the WinQuery default and will exclude dummy type questions from review. Reschedule Sample Live Interviewing Warning Message: Management|Sample|Reschedule Sample will now issue a live interviewing warning message if you attempt to reschedule a sample file that is currently being used for interviewing. The warning message lists the sample file and batch file(s) currently in use. New Audio Recording File Name Option: You can now use a sample element value for recording file name IDs.  This item can be enabled in Options|System (Study) Preferences|Interviewing. Expanded Dialable Sample Report Attempts Counter: Reports|Sample|Dialable Sample has a new input box to specify the number of attempts to display. The default is to sum after 11 attempts in the report. Print Report Page Range Option: You can now choose to print specified pages in WinQuery reports instead of all pages. QueryWeb Management: List Answers report available in QueryWeb online management can now be exported to Word and includes grouped rating question scales on the report regardless of report format. For a more complete list of changes that includes screenshots and additional details, please see our WinQuery 17 What’s New Guide.