WinQuery 19 - What’s New

WinQuery®19 Phone/Tablet/Web Interviewing Software Digital Audio Survey Recording in MP3 Format: New option to create digital audio survey recording files in MP3 format. This feature dramatically reduces the file size by up to 90% when compared to the default WAV file format. Smaller MP3 file format simplifies audio file storage and distribution. This feature is available within VoIP interviewing only. Customizable Audio Recording File Folder Location: When audio recording interviews using Conduct Interview, you can now specify any network location for the audio recording file. This option is available in Options|Study Preferences|Interviewing. Previously, a drive letter had to be specified for the recording file folder location. Remove Duplicate Phone Numbers Automatically During Sample Creation: Create WinQuery sample feature now automatically removes duplicate phone numbers. Duplicate phone numbers are removed while maintaining the first instance of the record. Duplicate phone numbers may be removed within an individual file or across all files in the queue. Caller ID Display Control: This new feature allows customization of the caller ID displayed to respondents. Option is available within a single study or across all studies. This feature is available using VoIP interviewing only and is environmental dependent. Last Dialing Only Combine Batches Option: New option to include only the last dialing when combining batches. The last dialing is based to a key field of your choice. Key fields include sample record ID or any sample element in the study. This new option is useful for creating reports and data files including the final dialing only. Especially useful for viewing the final disposition for each sample record. New Express Data Export Feature – Sample Attempt Number and Replicate: You can now choose to output the sample attempt number and/or replicate using Express Data Export. These new items are available for output to SPSSฎ, Excelฎ and other delimited formats. QueryWeb Management Report Output to Excel and Word: Marginal, Frequency and Numeric reports, available in QueryWeb online management, can now be exported to Excel and Word. Easily create attractive reports and distribute as desired. For a more complete list of changes that includes screenshots and additional details, please see our WinQuery 19 What’s New Guide.
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