WinCross Desktop®

WinCross is the marketing research industry’s most advanced crosstabulation software solution. 

With its easy-to-use interface and flexible reporting options, WinCross allows both experienced analysts and novice users to quickly extract and highlight statistical trends from survey data.

WinCross is a high performance research tool. In addition to crosstabulations, WinCross has comprehensive significance testing, segmentation, and weighting. It provides extensive options to customize the look and feel of your reports.

WinCross is available in both Desktop and Network Editions.

WinCross Features

WinCross has a rich feature set that’s designed to save you time and effort when creating tabulations, frequencies and reports.

Importing Data

Import from SPSS,
Excel, CSV, TSV and ASCII.


Generate tables from SPSS/Excel data in seconds using our "ExpressTabs" rapid data analysis tool.

Supports 64 bit

64-bit processing allows for quick processing time, decreased load time, and increased RAM support.

One Drive

Similar to a network share, One Drive can be used to share files across computers at a single location.

A wide range of advanced statistical testing options. 

T-Tests for Means

(equal or unequal variances)

Z-Tests for Percents

(pooled or unpooled proportions)

Confidence Levels

Pre-defined confidence levels from 60% to 99%,
user-specified levels without limitation.


Least-significant difference, Student Newman Keuls,
Kramer-Tukey B,
Kramer-Tukey and Scheffe.

Simple Weighting

Simple Weighting calculates weights to target percents.

Sample Balancing

Sample Balancing calculates a single weight using multiple variables. 

Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis groups respondents.
A flexible segmentation tool for deeper analysis.


Regression Analysis , often referred to as “Driver Analysis”.

Calculate Outliers

The mean and standard deviation of the respondents are calculated and compared.
If a value is a certain number of standard deviations (default 3) away from the mean, those respondents are identified as an outlier.


Create multiple types of charts from crosstabs that can be exported to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.

Create professional-looking reports that can be saved to all popular output formats.

Ready to get started?

WinCross - Try now

WinCross is available for evaluation free of charge for 14 days.

Using the evaluation version allows you to become more familiar with WinCross in your own computing environment, using your own data.

The evaluation copy of WinCross is limited to processing 100 respondents and 25 tables. However, all of the commonly used features are available so you can experience the look and feel of the full-featured version of WinCross. Our Exploring WinCross guide is available to help you become better acquainted with WinCross during your evaluation period.

WinCross In Action

WinCross Testimonials

WinCross has earned the respect and admiration of marketing research professionals around the world. Here’s what some of our more enthusiastic users have to say about WinCross:

WinCross FAQ


WinCross Desktop Edition: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
WinCross Network Edition: Windows Server 2000 or higher
Ram: 1GB
Available drive space: 500MB

You can specify how you want WinCross to round percents and statistics in Setup|Job Settings|Rounding.

There are two options for rounding. The first option is to round up values over 5 and round down values under 5. For rounding equal to 5, round to the nearest even number. The second option is to always round up values of 5 or more and round down values less than 5.

Rounding in WinCross is based upon three general rules:

Rule 1 - If the remainder beyond the last digit to be reported is less than 5, drop the last digit. Rounding to one decimal place, the number 5.3467 becomes 5.3.

Rule 2 - If the remainder is greater than 5, increase the final digit by 1. The number 5.798 becomes 5.8 if rounding to 1 digit.

Rule 3 - To prevent rounding bias, if the remainder is exactly 5, then round the last digit to the closest even number. Thus the number 3.55 (rounded to 1 digit) would be 3.6 (rounding up) and the number 6.450 would round to 6.4 (rounding down) if rounding to 1 decimal. When the number to the left of the 5 is even, no rounding occurs. For example, 4.225 would become 4.22. When the number to the left of 5 is odd, rounding will occur. For example, 4.215 would become 4.22.

See page 12 in Hurlburt, R. (1994) Comprehending Behavioral Statistics, Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, CA.

Use the TEST statement in the Glossary to search for respondents that break certain conditions.

Depress and hold the Ctrl key while individually clicking on those tables you want to run, or use the Edit Selections option on the Run|Tables dialog.

The difference between a table mean and row mean is based on the type of table you’re creating. A table mean is used where every row in the calculation of the mean has only one value. If the rows represent value ranges, then the # (pound symbol) operator must be used to give the row a single value for calculations.

A row mean is appropriate when rows represent a value range and the mean is to be calculated off the actual distribution of data. In that event, a row is created with the appropriate text and logic showing the value range you want to use. In the Row Options dialog box (Setup|Tables|Row Options) you should select the appropriate statistics (Mean, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, etc.).

Please see the WinCross help topic Indexed Variables Examples for full details.

Select Run | Tables | Excel.

WinCross provides a robust number of Excel options that can be changed per run without having to make any job changes.

WinCross provides many solutions for weighting.

  • Simple Weighting creates a weight based off a single variable.
  • Sample Balancing creates a weight using multiple variables.
  • Glossary - ASSIGN values to a DECLARED/DEFINED variable.
  • If a weight is already defined in the data, simply apply the weight to the desired banner(s).

Mean Summary tables are easily created using the Summary of Means option in Setup|Express Tables for SPSS Data. You select the group of variables, choose the code value or range of code values for the rows and WinCross creates the table for you. The Question Title from each variable selected becomes the row text for each row and the Code Value(s) or range of Code Values specified becomes the row logic.

Top/Bottom Box Summary tables can also be easily created using the Summary of Frequencies option in Setup|Express Tables for SPSS Data. You select the group of variables, choose the code value or range of code values for the rows and the code value or range of code values for the percentaging base of each row and WinCross creates the table for you. The Question Title from each variable selected becomes the row text for each row and the Code Value(s) or range of Code Values specified becomes the row logic. WinCross automatically creates two sets of rows, one set to be used for percentaging bases with the Hide row (HR) option specified and the second set of rows is automatically created with the percentaging base specified

Please see the WinCross help topic Mean Summary Tables for full details.

255 banner columns per banner.



WinCross Training

The Analytical Group, Inc. offers a two-day training class covering the use of WinCross, our powerful crosstabulation software. If you’re new to WinCross, or want to be sure you’re getting the most from this comprehensive statistical program, consider attending an upcoming class. The materials covered in the class are outlined below.

We limit class size to six students, ensuring an informal environment in which students can more easily interact with the instructor.

WinCross Training is priced at $900 per person.

To register for an upcoming class, please email to reserve your spot.

Day One

File Menu: Job File
File Menu: Open Data File Options
WinCross Executive
Table Presets
Data File Information/Variable Data Grid
Combine, Sort and Merge
Review of Syntax and Logic
Setup Job Title Options
Setup Tables/Express Tables from Variable Data
File Menu, Create Projects
<<< Lunch Break >>>
View Job File
Section of the Job File
Section of TABLES
Preference Options
Table/Row Options
Frequency Table
The CALC Statement
The USE Statement
Summary Tables
Percentage Off Of

Day Two

Volumetric Tables
Glossary Variables
Modify: Filter/Options/Statistics
Setup Banners
Banners from Tables/Banner Templates
VAR+ Tables and Banners
Significance Testing
Express Tabs
<<< Lunch Break >>>
Index Tables
Sample Balancing
Factor Analysis
Excel Reports
Excel Reports from Run | Tables
Memorized Reports
Enhanced Text Reports
Questions and Answers

WinCross Pricing

The one-time cost (not an annual subscription fee) for WinCross crosstabulation software:

Desktop Edition:


1st user

Desktop Edition:


each additional user

Network Edition:


up to 10 users

Network Edition:


up to 20 users

Network Edition:


Greater than 20 users
(contact us for pricing)

All WinCross perpetual licenses include free support and upgrades for one (1) year from the original date of purchase.

After the first year, the WinCross Annual Maintenance Program is offered at $500 for the first license, and $300 for each additional license. Effective January 1, 2021, WinCross Desktop Annual Maintenance pricing will be based on the number of users.

Please contact sales for WinCross Network Annual Maintenance pricing.

For inquiries and orders, please email

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