WinCross 18 - What’s New

WinCross 18 is filled with thoughtful new features to make your work proceed more quickly and easily. Here’s a list of the major enhancements in WinCross 18: Interweave Banners Directly to Excel: Excel output is now enhanced with the ability to interweave table banners. Four new interweave options exist to customize the worksheet/workbook output displayed. Efficiently “collate” your table output in Excel. This feature allows greater control over worksheet and workbook organization. HTML Support: WinCross now supports HTML formatting for tables and banners. Features included are bold, underline, italics, strikeout, superscript, subscript, and font color/text. Specify the exact text to be changed from a single word to the entire row. When copying from a questionnaire, supported HTML formatting will transfer directly into WinCross. Enhanced Express Table Setup: Row options are now even easier to add to tables with the new row options “ellipsis”. When editing a table in Express Table Setup, simply open the row options ellipsis and select the desired options. This new feature eliminates the need for having to look up the row options. Change the entire row to: BLD = Bold, UND = Underline, or ITL = Italic with one click. A custom color can now also be applied for any given row. Export to WinCross Executive®, The Next Generation of WinCross: Use Export Job to WinCross Executive to convert a WinCross job into a file that can be uploaded for online use with WinCross Executive. Bring your projects online with interactive dashboards, dynamic charts, and automated stat testing. WinCross Executive is a separate product available from The Analytical Group, Inc. Many Other New Features, Including: Enhanced Factor Analysis loading screen to provide status updates with factor analysis on a large data file. Advanced users working within the job file will now enjoy highlighting to make editing easier. This same highlight feature is also included in all dialog editing screens. Enhancements have been added when exporting a data file to .SAV format, including glossary statement transformations included in the output file. Creating summary of means and summary of frequencies tables are even easier with the ability to see the label and value(s) associated with the selected variables. You can also use this list to select the values to be used on the table. When selecting a job file the file size and date now appear at the bottom of the dialog. Compatibility with the latest version of SPSS. For a more complete list of changes that includes screenshots and additional details, please see our WinCross 18 What’s New Guide.
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