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WinCross 17 - What’s New

WinCross 17 is filled with thoughtful new features to make your work proceed more quickly and easily. Here’s a list of the major enhancements in WinCross 17: Link directly to WinCross Executive, our new web-based file sharing and Express Tabs solution from the Help menu. New Glossary commands of LABEL, CODE VALUE and DELETE provide another level of data management for your variable data files. Several new features provide additional flexibility while working in the Glossary. Glossary transformations can now be used to build and process express tables and banner templates for greater control over table design and results. The Express Tables from Variable Data dialog now features a wider viewing area for variable names and lets you create a quick-and-easy table by double-clicking a single variable in the list. New limits of 50 variables and 100 code values per variable offer greater flexibility when defining levels for Sample Balancing using the Iterative proportional fitting technique option. Variable data can now be saved with Value labels in place of Code values providing a different view of your data. Your Enhanced Text Report Options for running tables are now saved to the jobname.run file associated with your job, eliminating the frustration of trying to remember which options you selected previously. The Job logo group box on the Enhanced Text Reports tab of Job Settings and Profile Settings is now hidden until you click on Job logo1 or Job logo 2 in the Report elements list increasing the Enhanced Text Reports preview area. You can now easily suppress filter rows on your Excel reports without having to adjust table options or rerun tables. Banner column width for Plain Text Reports can now be assigned and updated by row/column when using the Create Banners from Tables option of Setup|Banners reducing banner editing time. The new Auto-Size Selected Columns option added to the Columns menu of the banner editor is a quick way to auto-size selected banner columns. Our new “Seq. #” column for banners can help in identifying specific banners in job files with many banners and for use with Memorized Reports. Resolve customer support issues more quickly with the aid of our new feature for Email WinCross Support -- create a zip file containing helpful information logs and configuration files for attachment to your support email. Significance indicators can now be displayed alphabetically within comparison group, in alphabetic order across comparison groups or in order by significance levels offering greater flexibility for table presentation. Using Ctrl+Right Arrow shortcut for completion of partial variable names now includes variables defined or declared in the Glossary helping cut down on banner and table creation time. Report time can now be displayed as 24-hour or AM/PM time for your convenience. Compatibility with the latest version of SPSS. For a more complete list of changes that includes screenshots and additional details, please see our WinCross 17 What’s New Guide.