WinQuery Benefits and Features

WinQuery is powerful and easy-to-use software for all your interviewing needs. You can use WinQuery to conduct networked phone interviewing, in-person or tablet interviewing. Additionally, you can host internet studies online when WinQuery is used in conjunction with QueryWeb Hosting, a service provided by The Analytical Group, Inc. WinQuery is affordably priced and runs on all Windows-based PC’s. Click on any item in the list below to see additional details:
WinQuery 19 has been released, with lots of great new features. Click here to see what’s new.
Create and design questionnaires for phone, in-person and web interviewing

  • WinQuery makes it easy for anyone to create, test and administer questionnaires
  • Import questionnaire text directly from your text editor or word processor
  • WinQuery automatically assigns initial logic to your questionnaire text
  • WinQuery features can then be used to customize your questionnaire
    • Complex logic and branching
    • Advanced quota control
    • Question/answer randomization, gridding and looping
    • Answer piping/inserts
    • Record open-end responses or record an entire questionnaire to an audio file
    • Play multimedia files to respondents
  • Autopilot feature performs automatic test interviews and produces test data
  • Customize appearance for web interviewing using QueryWeb Designer (included with WinQuery)

Conduct phone, web and in-person interviews

  • Conduct phone interviews in domestic and international time zones
  • Conduct phone interviews in multiple languages
  • Conduct in-person or tablet interviews
  • Conduct Internet interviews using QueryWeb (hosting service by TAG)

Manage phone, in-person and web studies

  • Powerful domestic and international sample management
  • Manage calling patterns and callbacks
  • Manage phone and web studies via the Internet
  • Dial phone studies using VoIP technology
  • Use predictive dialing capabilities (optional fully integrated product)
  • Manage and track progress of projects and interviewers
  • Visually monitor interviewing

Review and output data

  • Easily output data files including WinCross®, Excel®, .SAV and other delimited file types
  • Run crosstabulation, marginal, sigma and numeric progression reports
  • Review spelling and grammar for open-end data
  • Code open-end data
  • Move data to custom locations

and much more!

  • Study dashboard listing vital project information including study dispositions, sample statistics and interviewing statistics
  • Master Expert version to program a study using logic commands input directly into questionnaire text reducing programming time (optional module)
  • Stair-step political polling module to dial, manage and report sample by cluster and region (optional module)
  • Client interview version to create a demonstration interview for a client to review
  • Ability to insert questionnaire templates and answer prelists
  • Online software updates

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