WinCross Training

The Analytical Group offers a two-day training class covering the use of WinCross, our powerful crosstabulation software. If you’re new to WinCross, or want to be sure you’re getting the most from this comprehensive statistical program, consider attending an upcoming class. The materials covered in the class are outlined below. We limit class size to six students, ensuring an informal environment in which students can more easily interact with the instructor. WinCross Training is priced at $900 per person. To register for an upcoming class, please email to reserve your spot. For directions to our Scottsdale, Arizona offices, click here.
Day One File Menu: Job File File Menu: Open Data File Options Preferences WinCross Executive Table Presets Data File Information/Variable Data Grid  Combine, Sort and Merge  Frequencies Review of Syntax and Logic  Setup Job Title Options Setup Tables/Express Tables from Var. Data File Menu, Create Projects <<< Lunch Break >>> View Job File Section of the Job File Section of TABLES Preferences Options Table/Row Options Frequency Table The CALC Statement The USE Statement Summary Tables Percentage Off Of Day Two Volumetric Tables Glossary Variables Modify: Filter/Options/Statistics Setup Banners Banners from Tables/Banner Templates VAR+ Tables and Banners Significance Testing Express Tabs <<< Lunch Break >>> Weighting Index Tables Sample Balancing Factor Analysis Regression Excel Reports Excel Reports from Run|Tables Memorized Reports Enhanced Text Reports Questions and Answers
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