WinQuery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1. What is the difference between CATI and CAPI?

CATI stands for "computer assisted telephone interview" and refers to a type of software used at phone centers. Here, interviewers dial phone numbers of potential respondents at their home or place of business, with the respondents representing a select sampling of the population.

CAPI stands for "computer assisted personal interview." This type of interviewing is usually completed in person at the homes or businesses of selected respondents, or at mall intercept centers. WinQuery can be easily switched between these two modes.

2. Can WinQuery be used for web-based interviewing on the internet?

Yes. You can save any questionnaire in web-ready format. You can then easily upload the web-ready files to our hosting server running QueryWeb.

3. Can WinQuery jobs be shared with other marketing research companies?

Yes. WinQuery users can easily share work with each other. In order to complete large studies in less time, WinQuery users can tap into the capacity of other WinQuery users and share work.

4. In what format does WinQuery store its data?

WinQuery data is stored in ASCII files. Using this widely recognized format, data can easily be output in either SPSS, Excel, comma-delimited, tab-delimited, single record layout or card/column format.

5. Can WinQuery utilize an electronic form of a survey questionnaire?

Using some simple formatting rules, you can import almost any type of survey questionnaire, then edit it in WinQuery. This can save you a lot of time during the programming process and in duplication of tasks.

6. Which tabulation packages can be used with the data collected by WinQuery?

Data collected in WinQuery can be directly imported into WinCross and SPSS. With the purchase of an optional linking module, WinQuery data can also be used by Uncle, Microtab, Quantum, Merlin or The Survey System.

7. Can WinQuery be used with a predictive dialer?

When used along with a modem and optional dialer software, WinQuery can automatically dial a phone number for the agent/interviewer, thereby increasing productivity. StrataDial, a predictive dialer by Noble Systems, and Pro-T-S, a powerful dialer by Marketing Systems Group, are two predictive dialing systems supported by WinQuery.

8. How do I create an auto punch?

An auto punch is a quick way to punch the market based off of a numeric sample element.

Please review this helpful PDF document for additional information.

9. How do I create a volumetric series?

A volumetric is used to compare a constant value to a numeric question. It can also be used to compare two numeric questions.

Please review this helpful PDF document for additional information.

10. How do I store and use data captured in a loop?

In order to refer back to the data collected in a loop, the data must be stored in a separate "dummy" question.

Please review this helpful PDF document for additional information.

11. What is WinQuery Expert version? How do I use it?

The Master Expert and Expert versions are optional WinQuery features which can be purchased separately. The Expert versions are the most expedient method of creating WinQuery questionnaires, since they let you write logic commands using your text editor for inclusion in your questionnaire, bypassing the Build Questionnaire menu options.

Master Expert allows you to program a WinQuery study using logic commands to input question text, answer text and study logic. Regular Expert version only allows logic to be applied to an existing study (question and answer text must be input separately for regular Expert version).

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