WinCross V23 - What’s New

Our WinCross clients are our best source for enhancements. Our current version, WinCross 23, has incorporated many of those client suggested new features. Our goal is to create a better WinCross experience.

New Feature Highlights for WinCross V23

  • Presentations – Adds the ability to create a complete PowerPoint presentation directly from WinCross. Add tables, charts, images, and labels to multiple slides.
  • UNICODE (Beta) Support – The job file now fully supports UNICODE characters / foreign languages.  
  • LOOP Statement Map – Similar to the INDEX statement map the LOOP statement map shows any LOOP glossary statements completely written out.
  • CALC “ABS” Absolute value – Ability to convert the CALC to an Absolute value.  
  • Glossary ROUND – New glossary feature ROUND adds the ability to easily round variables to the desired decimal precision.
  • Enhanced Excel Table of Contents (TOC) features – There are two new TOC features. The first enhancement is the ability to customize the background color of each specific TOC element. The second enhancement is the ability to remove the hyperlink from the TOC. The TOC will then be regular text.
  •  Job Settings – Ability to change unweighted total text – Ability to change “Unweighted total” to desired table filter text.
  •  Option to run tables without significance – This option helps run time with large studies when using the DEPENDENT test.
  • Compatibility with the latest version of SPSS.

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