WinCross V21 - What’s New

Our WinCross clients are our best source for enhancements. Our current version, WinCross 21, has incorporated many of those client suggested new features. Our goal is to create a better WinCross experience.

New in WinCross V21

  • List Open End located under the Run menu allows users to create open end/string reports that can be filtered by specific conditions. The report can also be run to Excel allowing for easy sorting.
  • Chart enhancements – New additions include table filter above or below chart, show the filter on the horizontal axis, ability to remove all major gridlines, and the ability to show the base on each label.
  • Excel Table of Contents (TOC) – Added ability to show the base below the table title, or to the right of the table title.
  • Glossary command DUPLICATE – Quickly duplicate variables storing the data, label, and value labels in a newly specified variable.
  • Create Tables from Banners – Easily convert existing banners to tables.
  • Small Sample Size – Weighted reports can be suppressed using the unweighted base (N).
  • Banner Column enhancements – Ability to control the decimal places based on a specific column. New CALC Options to only show desired statistics for CALC banner columns.
  • Syntax commands _DAY, _MONTH, _YEAR4, _YEAR2, _HOUR, _MINUTE, _SECOND, _WEEKDAY adds the ability to easily program DATE variables.
  • Improved screen sharing across multiple platforms i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Go-To-Meeting, etc.
  • Frequency and percent order can be controlled under Setup | Job Settings | Output order. This allows the user to show the percent above the frequency. Adjusting the order is a global setting across the entire job.
  • Glossary INDEX statements can be combined when using OR/AND logic.
  • Excel output offers additional cell border options. Merged columns have their own border options located under Excel | Options Repot Options | Cell Borders… Cell border color can also be adjusted individually or across all cells.
  • Excel output data option to generate filtering column now includes the row number for table title, job title, subtitle, and footnote.
  • Express table setup / Setup tables – Added ability to control the character case i.e., lower case, upper case, title case, or sentence case.
  • Significance footnote location – Choose between printing at the bottom of the page (default), or directly below the table. This option is located under Setup | Job Settings | Page Layout | Footnote.
  • Enhanced text report tables can be combined onto a single page. WinCross defaults to each table on a separate page. This new option is located under Setup | Job Settings | Page Layout | Print multiple tables on one page.
  • CALC has added Median (I) and Mode (O) capabilities.
  • Compatibility with the latest version of SPSS.

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