WinCross Executive            

WinCross Executive brings the marketing research industry’s most advanced crosstabulation software online. All the power of WinCross, online anytime, anywhere, on any device.  Known as The Next Generation of WinCross, WinCross Executive allows both experienced analysts and novice users to quickly extract and highlight statistical trends from survey data. Upload your data directly to WinCross Executive and begin creating dashboards with dynamic filtering within minutes.  WinCross users can also export most table and banner specifications to bring existing projects online. Easily design a customized dashboard with personalized backgrounds and interactive filters, all with automatic updating.   Share your crosstabs, reports, charts, and dashboards with your clients and colleagues in real-time, online, on any device, anytime!  There are two editions of WinCross Executive: The Basic Edition provides no-cost access to file sharing for up to 5 guests (My Drive), Express Tabs and Data features. This plan is available to WinCross users in their first year of purchase or if they are in the maintenance program. The Premium Edition is available for a monthly fee and provides access to the same features available in the Basic Edition as well as unlimited quests, and the ability to create Crosstabs, Charts, Reports and Dashboards. WinCross customers who are using the most current version of WinCross can export most table and banner specifications to WinCross Executive.  Then share your reports and dashboards with your clientèle via private external links.  Private links can be viewed anywhere on any device at time, and you can set with a “time stamp” expiration and password of your choosing.   Features of WinCross Executive include: My Drive allows you to upload, download and share files to other users. Express Tabs is a quick and easy-to-use feature that can help you explore "what if" scenarios to determine whether your data supports further analysis. Your express tables can be filtered and/or weighted and reports can be saved as Excel reports. Crosstabs lets you select variables of interest and easily create crosstabs of various types, including standard, summary of means, summary of frequencies and multiple response. Many types of Charts can be created from variables of interest and easily added to reports or dashboards. Reports can be designed from crosstabs and charts and viewed online or downloaded to Excel/PPT. Dashboards can be designed from crosstabs and charts using filters to change the data interactively. Data files, crosstabs, reports and dashboards can all be shared with Associates, making project collaboration a snap. Private external links can also be created to share with users outside of WinCross Executive.  Private links can be set with a “time stamp” expiration and password of your choosing. Advanced users will appreciate the ability to combine rows with AND or OR, create net rows, edit logic, set mean values, etc. Comparison groups can be defined using an intuitive point-and-click interface and significance testing results will appear in the final report. Features by Edition: For inquiries and orders, please email See more: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Example Dashboards Demo Videos Pricing Get a Free Trial Now!
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