WinQuery 21 - What’s New

WinQuery 21 is filled with thoughtful new features to make your work proceed more quickly and easily.

Here’s a list of the major enhancements in WinQuery 21:

Updated User Password Security Encryption:

  • The WinQuery user login password has been updated with current encryption.
  • This helps prevent unauthorized access to your WinQuery projects using password encryption.
  • Encryption is applicable when passwords are being used to login to WinQuery.

New Dashboard List Active Interviewers Report:

  • The Dashboard report now lists interviewers currently in a study.
  • Active sample files as well as the associated interviewer batches are displayed in the report.
  • This feature is especially helpful for quota and sample management.

Expanded Interviewer Alert Feature:

  • The Send Interviewer Alert feature has been expanded to customize who receives alerts.
  • You can now send an alert message to specific interviewers or all interviewers.
  • This provides the ability to send important study related messages to the appropriate interviewers.
  • Previously interviewer alerts were broadcast to all interviewers.

QueryWeb Management Access Log Update:

  • The QueryWeb access log has been updated to automatically add the respondent number to each record making it simple to merge QueryWeb interviews with panel sample data.
  • All panel information appended to the survey invite URL are automatically captured in the QueryWeb access log for each project.
  • The QueryWeb access log is a .CSV file containing disposition information for all web interviews and is available for secure download via the QueryWeb Management portal.

Additional VoIP Softphone Disposition Panel Setting:

  • The softphone available for VoIP interviewing contains an expandable disposition panel to disposition calls.
  • An additional setting now provides the ability to hide the disposition panel if desired for your project or across all projects.
  • Use the disposition panel to easily select no answer, busy, voicemail, disconnect or fax/tone.

New Ability to Capture Question Timer Information for Non-Displayed Questions:

  • You now have the ability to capture timer information for non-displayed questions (dummy questions).
  • The question text symbol [S] is used for timing the duration of a question or a series of questions.
  • Previously this feature was only available for displayed questions.

Compatibility with SPSS Version 27:

  • Data output using WinQuery 21 is compatible with SPSS version 27.
  • No matter the data output method, whether Express Data Export and/or Write Data As to SPSS, your .SAV data will be saved in the newest format.

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