WinQuery 20 - What’s New

WinQuery 20 is filled with thoughtful new features to make your work proceed more quickly and easily.

Here’s a list of the major enhancements in WinQuery 20:

Option to Remove VoIP Auto Dial Ability:

  • Phone centers using VoIP dialing (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and wish to receive a version of WinQuery without the Auto Dial feature can request such.
  • This option removes the auto dial function for VoIP to remain compliant with FTC regulations as interpreted by your company.

New VoIP Softphone Dispositions Panel:

  • The softphone available with VoIP interviewing now contains an expandable panel to directly disposition calls.
  • Use the disposition panel to easily select no answer, busy, voicemail, disconnect or fax/tone.
  • Previously interviewers selected answers on the introduction screen or halt screen only.

Inbound VoIP Interviewing:

  • VoIP interviewing has been expanded to receive inbound calls.
  • The softphone can answer calls for inbound callbacks and when using a sample locator.

Additional VoIP Voicemail Disposition Included:

  • Default SIP routing is defined for the voicemail disposition.
  • This provides the ability to route voicemail calls to a pre-defined disposition.
  • Routing for the voicemail disposition is modifiable.

Customizable VoIP Sip Result Code Routing:

  • Add SIP result code routing for specific projects or across all projects.
  • Define custom disposition routing for any specific SIP result code received from your VoIP system.
  • WinQuery ships with modifiable default disposition codes and SIP Result code routing.

New Symbol for Question Text to Insert the Interviewer ID:

  • A new symbol for question text has been added to insert the Interviewer ID into the survey.
  • The Interviewer ID is displayed as question text or brought into the survey as answer text, such as in a dummy question.
  • This features is especially useful for inserting the interviewer ID in a survey hyperlink used for tracking interviewer progress.

Sample Disposition Tally Report - New Option to Display Dispositions with Counts of Zero:

  • Display all dispositions for the project on the Sample Tally Report even if the disposition has a count of zero.
  • By default, study dispositions with zero counts are not displayed on the Sample Disposition Tally report.

QueryWeb Management Online Portal Updates:

  • The portal to manage projects for QueryWeb online surveys has been updated with the latest security protocols.
  • Using the secure online study management portal, you can view quotas, run real-time reports, track progress and download your study data.

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